Review: What Happens Next – Colleen Clayton.

colleenBeen a while, hasn’t it? See, as part of my project (I will stop talking about this in a month’s time, I swear) I’ve been looking for books for young adults that deal with generally censored issues, and deal with reality. This was really what I’ve been looking for.

Review: Books That Changed The World – Andrew Taylor.

booksYou know, as a bibliophile, a book about books sounds like fun. Taylor talks about the 50 most influential books in history, not just focussing on the literary one. There’s religious and political and scientific entries as well as fiction. (more…)

Review: Last Friends – Jane Gardam.

lastThis is another week where the reading time is snatched and time I can dedicate to reviews suffers.

I felt there was a bit of wit about the book, but it just didn’t really grab me. The characters were okay, but I’m 99.9% sure this is the fault of coming in at the third act. I think a lack of connection comes from not being versed with the backstory of the last two books. I can still get into books when I start at the end of a series, etc, but here I couldn’t.

I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt on being heavily built on the two books before it. Would definitely consider starting from book one, since I have heard it’s worth it, once my project is done and I have the time. So, as a stand alone, I’m not convinced, but it’s definitely enough to make me restart the series.

tl;dr Double check things being in a series!

Pub: 6th Mar 2014 | Little Brown Book Group UK

Review: Alpha Goddess – Amalie Howard.

alphaGods exist. So do goddesses. Sera knows this because she is one of them. A secret long concealed by her parents, Sera is Lakshmi reborn, the human avatar of an immortal Indian goddess rumored to control all the planes of existence. Marked by the sigils of both heaven and hell, Sera’s avatar is meant to bring balance to the mortal world, but all she creates is chaos.

Review: The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales – Kirsty Logan.

rentalI’ve had some issues with short story collections of late. They’re usually a mish-mash in quality, so despite there being over a dozen, I only really enjoy one or two. But here, I kind of got sucked up into every story.